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Ruikun successfully introduce ERP

Data: 2014-10-16

Cheating in miniature headset (circle) grain size only as police for diagram.
Modern express - this year's January 5, and 6, two days, taizhou nearly 1800 candidates, participated in the called "history the most strict" a student in the examination. Can someone leng not believe in heresy, against the wind commits the crime, taizhou candidates wang mou should use miniature headset cheating. May god's mill grinds slow but sure, after more than an hour the agency of the public curity department supervisor with wang mou will be captured.
Candidates from wang mou online contact a claims to be able to provide the answers to each gate 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan price get the answer. Wang mou to buy $500 worth of intercom and headset.
The afternoon when the English examination, radio monitoring personnel through the technical means, heard a man in the newspaper, "ABCD", according to the judgment, supervisor in the examination place that someone cheating. Soon, the supervisors will lock the signal, can let a person feel depressed is, this source is still in place, especially on change every mobile monitoring car will lock signal source, the signal will disappear after a while, and in another place appear. Mobile monitoring car is striking, monitoring personnel soon decided to use ordinary cars loading equipment tracking, in the move for more than an hour after, finally in a small area will be a handheld radio man arrested. For the man, he is in for the examination room cousin bulletin English answers, in order to avoid monitoring, rented a car electric tricycle, time transformation site.
Soon, the supervisor will be suspected of cheating in the capture of wang mou. Wang mou metasomatism, online purchase from the "answer", each course differs 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan. Wang mou says, his ears have a miniature headphones, each other through the QQ will answer transmission over, and then the examination room outside cuz through the intercom will answer to give yourself.
The student in the examination is called history the most severe test, in addition to the examination room equipped with camera first class equipment, the candidate must through the metal detector test, ears, alar, wrist are key parts of the inspection.
Wang mou is how to escape detection? The public security organ found that wang mou ear plug is a miniature headphones, only the size of a grain of rice, need through the special tools, the use of magnet to take, this just escaped detection.
May be expelled
Reporters from the education department to know, as "history the most strict" a master graduate student exam,
candidates cheating if the circumstances are especially serious, can give pause to participate in all kinds of national education examination 1 to 3 years of treatment. Meanwhile, the student, by its place school in accordance with relevant provisions, given sanctions, until expelled.
At present, the case is further investigation.